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Take Action! Don't Allow Uncertified DREs to be Used in School Elections!

It's urgent that you write, fax or call New York State Education Officials and tell them not to allow untested, unapproved DREs to be used in the Troy School District Election.

There is a dangerous new threat to voting integrity in New York State - the Troy NY School Board is planning to use uncertified DREs in the upcoming School Board Elections. This end run by DRE vendors around our Election Law must be opposed; We must act now!

Take Action - Write, fax, or call the Commissioner of Education and the NYS Board of Regents and tell them to stop the use of electronic voting machines that have not been approved by the NYS Board of Elections - it will undermine citizen confidence that the election results are legitimate, and open the election to legal challenges, throwing the outcome of the election into question for months.

Please Take Action Today! Uncertified DREs will be used on May 15th!
Contact information for the Commissioner of Education and the NYS Board of Regents are listed below.

Tips for writing your letter - It's best to tie the subject matter to yourself in a personal way to make the letter stand out. Whether a computer programmer, lawyer, minister, social worker, election inspector, etc., make the introduction of the letter unique. Then from the Essential Points document on the NYVV website, pick one or two points to make. A short, personal letter from one person counts as one opinion just as much as a lengthy, technical letter, so it's fine for your letter to be brief. See more tips here.

We must challenge this attempt by voting machine vendors to sidestep voting machine regulations that New Yorkers have worked so hard for. There's no time to lose - Please Act Today!

Essential Points on the Use of Uncertified DRE Voting Machines in Troy

NYVV's Troy School Election Resource Page

Bo Lipari’s Blog

Sample Letters
Tips on Letter Writing

Sample Letter One

Sample Letter Two

Contact Information
Please contact both the Commissioner of Education and the NYS Board of Regents.

Dr. Richard P. Mills, Commissioner of Education
NYS Education Department.
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12234

518-474-5844 Phone
518-473-4909 Fax

Robert M. Bennett, Chancellor, Board of Regents
New York State Board of Regents
NYS Education Department.
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12234

518-474-5889 Phone
518-486-2405 Fax

Members of the NYS Board of Regents:
Robert M. Bennett, Chancellor
Merryl H. Tisch, Vice Chancellor
Saul B. Cohen
James C. Dawson
Anthony S. Bottar
Geraldine D. Chapey
Arnold B. Gardner
Harry Phillips, 3rd
Joseph Bowman, Jr.
James R. Tallon, Jr.
Milton L. Cofield
Roger Tilles
Karen Brooks Hopkins

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