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Correcting Misunderstandings

Correcting Misunderstandings about Paper Ballot/Optical Scanner (PBOS) Voting Systems. This report responds to some commonly reported misunderstandings. The web page includes a link to the documents in portable document format [PDF] for ease in printing and duplicating.

Will Your Vote Count?

Bo Lipari has presented his talk, Will Your Vote Count?, to citizen groups, high schools, universities, and organizations all over New York State. Among them are the American Association of University Women, the Alliance for Democracy, the Ithaca Rotary Club, Ulster County Community College, SUNY Oneonta, Cornell University, and local League of Women Voters chapters around the state.

Talking With Legislators and Election Officials

State, county and town officials have heard a lot from vendors about electronic touch screen voting machines (DREs), but know very little about reliable, cost effective alternatives. In fact, Most have not heard about the cost differences between DREs and paper ballot systems, as well as the other advantages.

Presentations to legislators, election officials, and legislative committees are an important and effective means to inform them about the excellent alternatives to DREs.

Contact us if you'd like help preparing and presenting information to your legislators, election officials, town and county boards and legislative committees.


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