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Paper Ballots for New York Campaign

New York State is in the process of making choices about the new voting systems to replace our current mechanical lever machines. Our state legislature has decided to punt the decision on voting equipment to the counties (NYVV County Campaign).

Citizens who support the reliable, secure, auditable, accessible and cost effective paper ballot and optical scan option must take action immediately.

Paper Ballots for New York!

A reliable, auditable, cost effective alternative which is fully accessible to voters with disabilities is a system comprised of paper ballots and precinct-based optical scan system, augmented by ballot marking devices to provide accessibility to the disabled. Such systems meet all HAVA requirements and could save New York State and it's cash strapped counties tens of millions of dollars in acquisition and ongoing maintenance costs.

Learn about questions to ask about machine demonstrations
Read the NYS Public Employees Federation [PEF] resolution [PDF]
Join the County Campaign
Start a Petition Drive
Endorse the Statement on New Voting Equipment for New York State

Take Action

Information About Paper Ballot/Optical Scan Systems

Demonstrations and Downloads

Take Action!

New York State should implement its HAVA plan and request bids for a voting system using paper ballots, optical scanners, and ballot marking devices.

New Yorkers must act now, we have little time. Contact your state and county legislators, board of election commissioners. Write letters to the editor and op-ed pieces for local media.

We must make the right choice for New York State.


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