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Tell Albany Not to Weaken NY's Voting Machine Law!

Take Action Now! - It's urgent that you call your State Senator and Assembly representative, at their Albany offices, and tell them they must not weaken New York State's voting machine escrow and review requirements. Remind them that the Legislature can be proud of passing a strong law 2 years ago - they must stand by that decision and not give in to pressure by voting machine vendors who seek to undermine these essential protections.

In the last hectic days of the Legislative session, a lot of damage can be done to all we've achieved in the fight for secure, transparent, verifiable elections. Unless we act now, New York State's strict electronic voting machine laws could be gutted. Please call your Representatives in Albany now.

Find your Assembly member's contact information here:
(Not sure who your Assembly member is? Click here to search by Zip Code)

Find your State Senator's contact information here:
(Not sure who your State Senator is? Click here to search by Zip Code)

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