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League of Women Voters Resolution Applies to All Voting Systems

Because of the recent controversy over the application of language contained in an LWVUS Citizens' Right to Vote resolution (2006) to all voting systems, including lever voting machines, I have asked one of the authors of that Resolution for clarification. The Resolution affirms that the LWVUS only supports voting systems with a specific set of criteria. These criteria are listed in the Introduction to the January 2009 "Report on Election Auditing" by the Election Audits Task Force of the LWVUS.

One member of that Task Force, Barbara Simons, Ph.D., LWV of Los Altos/Mountain View, CA, and former president, Association for Computing Machinery, was also one of the authors of the language of the 2006 Resolution. Dr. Simons has agreed to allow me to quote her as follows,

"In my opinion, the LWVUS statement opposes ALL paperless voting systems, not just paperless DREs. Therefore, the LWVUS statement should apply to paperless unauditable lever machines."

The League of Women Voters of New York State believes that, using the criteria described in the Citizens Right To Vote Resolution, lever voting machines do not meet those standards. The full statement of our position is available on the LWVNYS website (www.lwvny.org) under the title, "Why Lever Voting Machines Are Not An Acceptable Method of Voting."

- Aimee Allaud, Elections Specialist, LWVNYS

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