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Code of Conduct

In the campaign for a paper ballot based system for New York, it is important that we are conscious of the careful procedures and ethical principles that should guide our activism. The Board of New Yorkers for Verified Voting asks all who work with us to follow these practices and principles:

  • Always check your understanding with the website and/or a member of the Executive Committee or Board of Directors when you will be interpreting the policies and views of New Yorkers for Verified Voting. Be as accurate as possible at all times.
  • In dealing with people, always be polite and avoid harassment. Treat people with respect for their human dignity.
  • Always deal with people in terms of their professional and governmental responsibilities. Never attack people personally.
  • Never publish personal contact information for any person or official. Contact and communication with officials must always be through their public office. It is never appropriate to contact an official at their residence, or to publicize personal information in any form.
  • Present yourself in a businesslike manner that allows officials to know you are ready to be held accountable for your actions. For example, when contacting a board of elections or legislator (whether by telephone, mail, or e-mail), identify yourself with your full name and supply your full address.
  • In the tradition of non-violent movements for social change, always show respect for the rule of law even as one tries to change unjust laws.
  • Always show respect for the important work that our Boards of Elections do. Do not interfere with the conduct of their duties. For example, avoid election days when you schedule events so as not to disrupt their work.
  • When arguing for one voting system and against another, be objective and accurate. Seek the best scientific analysis available. Document sources as carefully as possible.
  • Convince people through education, empirical evidence, and rational analysis, rather than through threats, emotional influence, or deception. One can and should use humor, irony, and entertainment to make a point; but express at the same time respect for the humanity you share with opposing parties.
  • Be effective by knowing the political dynamics of various situations; but reject the idea that the end justifies the means. Democracy respects the freedom and intelligence of each person, so work for what we see as the best voting system while maintaining respect.
  • Be scrupulous about any monetary contributions. Make sure that money goes to the cause for which it was given. Keep records, report to donors, and express gratitude for contributions.
  • Any handouts or fliers that are prepared with the New Yorkers for Verified Voting (NYVV) identification need to be approved. Send a copy of the text to contact@nyvv.org. NYVV will suggest any changes that are necessary to maintain our policies. If the changes are accepted, you will be notified and our name can be used; otherwise any reference to NYVV must be removed from the material.

NYVV Bylaws v4.1 [~24kb PDF]

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