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New York State - Important Links for Election Day

Know Your Rights - No one may be turned away from the polls without voting. However, it is possible that a voter who is registered to vote may not be listed in the poll books. In this case, there are specific steps that poll workers must take to determine if you can vote on a lever machine or Ballot Marking Device.

•  How to resolve issues you may face when checking in at the poll site:
•  NYS Voter's Bill of Rights (English/Spanish):

Election Courts – If you are not listed in the poll books you have a right to appear before a special Court to obtain an order allowing you to vote on a machine. Each county has an assigned Judge who hears voter complaints on Election day. If your plea is successful, the Court will issue an order instructing poll workers allowing you to vote on a machine. These cases are often processed quickly, and it is far better to vote on a machine than the other alternative, an ‘affidavit' ballot.

•  List of Election Court Judges and Contact Information in Each County:

Bring Identification - Voters who have newly registered by mail or online will be asked to show identification when they sign in to the polling place. It is also possible that other voters may be incorrectly asked to produce identification. We strongly urge ALL voters bring ID with them to the polls.

•  List of acceptable forms of ID in New York State:

Affidavit ballots – If your name is not in the poll books and you do not obtain a Court Order you have the right to vote on an affidavit ballot (called a ‘provisional' ballot outside of New York State). Affidavit ballots are only counted after the Board of Elections determines that the voter was properly registered and in the correct polling place. It may take some time before the investigation is completed. If all else fails, insist on your right to use an affidavit ballot, but do this only after exhausting other options - it's definitely better to vote on a lever machine or Ballot Marking Device.

Go to the Right Polling Place – You must be in the correct polling place to vote on a machine and in order for your affidavit ballot to be considered valid. Make sure you know where your polling place is. If you are in the wrong polling place, poll workers should direct you to the correct location.

•  New York CITY Poll site locator:
•  New York STATE Poll site locator:

Numbers to call if you have a problem – If you have a problem on Election Day, or want to report a problem you have witnessed, there are several numbers to call to report the incident and get advice:

•  1-866-OUR VOTE
•  1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (en espanol)
•  In New York City, call NYPIRG's hotline at 212-822-0282.

Get out and vote!
Remember, the only way to guarantee that your vote won't be counted is to not vote.

Important Notes for Election Day in New York State!

Because turnout is expected to be unusually high and the new computerized voter registration database may well have many voters incorrectly removed from the voter rolls, there are four things you need to know before you go vote on Election Day:

1) Bring identification to the polls.
2) Know your rights.
3) Be prepared to wait in line as long as necessary.
4) Numbers to call if you have a problem.

Read details on these four items here

Download a flow chart of how to resolve issues you may face when checking in at the poll site here

Download a list of acceptable forms of ID in New York State here

Are You Registered to Vote? Really?

Don't assume anything, confirm your registration!

The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) required that all states maintain a single computerized statewide database. This means that in New York and other states using the new computerized voter lists for the first time that there could be many thousands of voters showing up at the polls on Election Day assuming they are registered to vote who will find to their dismay that they are not.

We urge all New Yorkers to confirm that they are registered to vote. NYVV is recommending that voters take the following steps to confirm that you are registered to vote this year in New York State:

1) Click here to check the online voter registration page. If your status is ‘Inactive’, or the page tells you “No Matches Found”, you are not registered to vote. In this case, CALL YOUR COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS IMMEDIATELY and make sure you straighten this out (even if it means re-registering).

2) Even if your status is ‘Active’ on the online page, you need to call your county Board of Elections and confirm that your record is not flagged as unresolved. Call them today and ask them three questions:

a) Am I registered to vote?

b) Is my name flagged for review?

c) Will my name be in the poll book on Election Day?

Insist on getting an answer, even if the folks at the County Board are very busy. And while you’re at it, confirm that your address is correct, because we’re hearing of data transfer errors that are mangling addresses.

Click here to download a flyer you can post alerting the public to the problem and the need to confirm your voter registration. We’ve got to let the public know about this.

Click here to read more on Bo Lipari's blog.

Eyes Wide Open: An NYVV Response to Recent Articles in OpEdNews

A flurry of inflammatory articles on the web seem to be taking advantage of the situation to create public demand that New York State change its plan for HAVA-compliance in order to keep lever machines permanently. Their articles sometimes substitute misinterpretation of the facts and omission of evidence for responsible analysis. In addition, some of the articles unfairly distort the positions of New Yorkers for Verified Voting and its Executive Director, Bo Lipari.

Read the response here

Screen reader compatible version

Latest Updates on NY Voting Machine Decisions

Read the latest on the county machine choices on Bo Lipari's blog.

Currently three counties chose Premier's Automark (Albany, Schenectady, and Rockland), one chose ES&S's Automark (New York City), and the remaining counties chose the Sequoia ImageCast. Only upstate Hamilton County chose the LibertyVote DRE, ordering 11. No county ordered the Avante DRE.

Download the full list here.

Urgent Action Alert for New York State!

The Decision On Voting Machines For New York State Is Imminent!

As a result of the Department of Justice lawsuit regarding New York State's lever machine replacement, New York State's county level election commissioners have until February 8, 2008 to choose whether to use either a paper ballot based ballot marker and scanner system, or a direct recording electronic (DRE) voting system for each county.

Please Act Now !!!
Click here for details.

Civic Groups Blast Department of Justice Proposal to Gut Standards for New Voting Systems

A coalition of civic groups harshly criticized a proposal made by the Department of Justice today that calls for the federal courts to consider taking control from the state and to select new voting systems for New York for the September, 2008 primary elections.  The groups said DOJ's position endangered numerous safeguards for new voting systems that were won in state law, such as mandating that the computer code from voting systems be held in escrow in case of suspected problems with machines.

Read the full press release here.

Download the DOJ Opinion here.

Take Action - Oppose the NYS Board of Elections
Proposal to Allow Untested DREs in NYS Polling Places

The New York State Board of Elections has proposed a dangerous plan that would allow uncertified DREs to be used in polling places around the state in 2008. The State Board of Elections is opening the door to making New York a DRE state - we can't let that happen.

Click Here to act now...

NYVV Annual Meeting - September 29, 2007

Join voting integrity advocates from around New York State on September 29 and 30, 2007 for New Yorkers for Verified Voting's 2nd Annual Meeting in beautiful Ithaca NY. Florida Election Commissioner Ion Sancho will be this year's keynote speaker.

Details here...

NYVV Releases Two New Cost Reports

July 23, 2007 - New Yorkers for Verified Voting has released two important new reports analyzing costs of voting systems under consideration in New York State. The first is a new study reporting on paper ballot printing costs, and the second a commentary on a voting machine cost study released by Onondaga County officials in April 2007.

Facts about Ballot Printing Costs

The Gift That Will Keep On Costing:
Operating Expenses and New York’s New Voting Machines

(revised January 2008)

Comments on the Onondaga County Cost Comparison

Tell Albany Not to Weaken NY's Voting Machine Law!

Two years ago in June 2005, the New York State Legislature adopted some of the strictest requirements for new electronic voting systems in the country. This June, in the last week of the session, lobbyists for the voting machine vendors are pushing a back door amendment drafted by Microsoft attorneys that would effectively gut the source code review protections provided in our current law. New Yorkers must not allow this to happen. You must act now.

Early in the week of June 18, the last [scheduled] week of the Legislative session, a bill will be introduced to correct "technical problems" with an earlier law changing New York's Presidential primary date. But this bill will contain a poisonous provision that effectively removes the possibility of meaningful review of electronic voting system software. In the last 2 months, Microsoft and the voting machine vendors have conducted a full court press in Albany, trying to make OUR Election Law suit THEIR interests.

[click here for more essential information and urgent action needed]

Vendors Try End Run Around New York State Election Law
Uncertified DREs to be used in Troy School Election on May 15

In a breaking crisis in New York State, the City School Board of Troy, NY approved the use of uncertified DREs for the May 15, 2007 School Board Elections.

In a brazen attempt to have their uncertified DREs used in New York State, Liberty Election Systems and their Dutch partner Nedap made the School District of Troy an offer they couldn’t refuse – use of 10 of their DREs in the upcoming School District Election at no cost to the district. Unfortunately, the Liberty DRE has not completed New York State testing or met any of the State’s regulatory standards, and is not certified for use in the State by the New York State Board of Elections . . .
Read more on Bo Lipari's Blog...

NYVV's Troy School Election Resource Page

Take Action! Don't Allow Uncertified DREs to be Used in School Elections!

Voting Integrity advocates around the state are extremely concerned that adoption of the machine timing proposal proposal currently before the State Board of Elections will be a disaster for New York.

The proposal s highly flawed, does not interpret the AIR data correctly, and will condemn thousands of New York State voters to long lines and voter disenfranchisement. These guidelines must not be adopted in their current form.
—More— [~48kb PDF]

New York State is about to undergo an enormous change in the way our elections are conducted. Soon all our lever machines will be replaced with a new way to cast our ballots.
Tell The Governor: NY Voters Deserve the Best.

It is crucial that the State get the choice of voting systems right the first time. Adopting flawed electronic touch screen voting machines (DREs) would be a mistake we cannot afford to make, and there's a better choice: paper ballots counted with ballot-scanners, with accessible ballot-marking devices to make sure everyone can vote independently and privately.

The current plan allows each New York State county to choose its own voting system. This will lead to a disastrous patchwork of expensive touch screen DREs administered by under-trained staff and elderly poll workers. We'll see long lines at the polls, frustrated voters, questionable results and subsequent legal challenges -- and confusion resulting from a mix of different systems around the state. Don't let this happen in New York State!

Send a fax to Governor Spitzer -- Tell him there is only one choice for New York - a single statewide voting system using paper ballots, precinct based optical scanners, and accessible ballot marking devices [Click here to send a FAX via VerifiedVoting.org – It's a FREE service! Do it now!].

New Yorkers for Verified Voting has joined a coalition of voting integrity organizations calling attention to the shortcomings of the "Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2007," HR 811. The groups represent a broad cross section of the grassroots voting integrity movement working on the ground in states all over the United States. They have released a statement listing areas where the bill needs improvement, and urge that specific amendments be made to the bill before it is brought up for a vote.

"While well intentioned, HR 811 has enough holes to drive a truck full of DREs through," said Bo Lipari, Executive Director of NYVV. "It will encourage states to throw good money after bad as they move to modify failed touch screen voting machines. Congress needs to wake up and smell the coffee — DREs can't be 'fixed'."

Read the coalition statement here:

On February 6, 2007 the Board of Trustees of the Village of Altamont in Albany County passed a resolution calling for adoption of paper ballots, precinct count scanners and accessible ballot markers as the county’s voting system.

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