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NYVV Petition Drive For Paper Ballot/Optical Scan Voting Systems

We are launching a statewide petition drive, getting as many signatures as possible in each county from the many people who want to vote on paper ballots rather than DREs.

The petition is addressed and delivered to your county officials. Send hard copies of your completed petitions to New Yorkers for Verified Voting. Email us to find out where to send us the petitions. NYVV will send petitions from all over New York State to state legislators, officials and organizations.

Advice for Your County Petition Drive

  • Name one person as petition drive coordinator for your county.
  • In addition to going door to door, carry petitions to various celebrations, fairs, and farmer's markets.
  • Make name tags to identify yourself when you work in public spaces.
  • Have additional literature available for those who want fuller explanations of the system.
  • At major events (fairs, musicfests, etc.) have petitions ready for those from neighboring counties as well as for your own.
  • Remember to take care of yourselves. Working in the sun and humidity requires precautions . Even if you still are getting signatures, know when it simply is time to go home.

Petition to the County Boards of Elections for Accountability

Petition for Paper Ballots-Optical Scan Voting Systems

Starting a Petition Drive in Your County

County Campaigning / Petition Drive Document

Paper Ballots for New York home page (this section)


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