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The Latest Electronic Voting News for New York State

NYVV Open Letter to Vendors of Voting Equipment for New York
"New Yorkers for Verified Voting has supported paper ballot-ballot marker-ballot scanner systems ... However, we are thus far disappointed in the willingness of vendors to guarantee quality equipment, service, and reasonable pricing."
Read the letter (~20kb PDF)

Director Warren-Berry's original op ed submission,
"How I learned not to love lever voting machines while fighting DREs."

Published in a different version in the Syracuse Post-Standard, Opinion, March 22, 2009

Leverage Against Levers
Lever voting machines have served New York State in the past, but it is clear that they no longer meet our citizens expectations for a verifiable, auditable, and accessible voting system.

Learn why we oppose mechanical voting machines and the "keep the levers movement" (PDF).

Paperless Systems Will Not Do!
On March 4, 2009, the New York City Board of Elections held an open hearing about the two paper ballot-ballot marker-optical scanner systems currently available for purchase in New York: the ES&S DS200 (with AutoMARK) and the Sequoia/Dominion "Democracy Suite." Barbara Barr read this statement from the NYS League of Women Voters and New Yorkers for Verified Voting.

Read the full statement here (PDF)
HTML version

New York State Board of Elections Must Investigate Rationales for Price Increases
We are concerned about the approach that the Co-Executive Directors of the New York State Board of Elections have communicated to the County Boards of Elections in their letter of February 26, 2009. That letter says the two vendors of voting systems to New York (ES&S and Sequoia/Dominion) have “requested a price increase supported by various rationales.” Executive Director Wanda Warren Berry presented the following letter on March 2:

Read the letter here (PDF)
HTML version

League of Women Voters Resolution Applies to All Voting Systems
The 2006 Resolution affirms that the League of Women Voters/US only supports voting systems which meet a specific set of criteria. These criteria are listed in the joint LWV/NYVV statement on lever machines. In recent days several posts have appeared claiming that the LWVUS Resolution does not apply to lever machines. However, according to a member of that Task Force, Dr. Barbara Simons: "In my opinion, the LWVUS statement opposes ALL paperless voting systems, not just paperless DREs. Therefore, the LWVUS statement should apply to paperless unauditable lever machines."

Read the full statement and quote here (PDF)
HTML version

NYVV and the League of Women Voters Issue Joint Statement on Lever Machines
New York State's two leading Election Integrity organizations released a joint statement today reaffirming their commitment to the verifiable, auditable and accessible paper ballot/ scanner/Ballot Marking Device voting systems which will replace the state's lever machines.

Read the LWV/NYVV statement (PDF)
HTML version

Read the press release here (PDF)

Read an analysis of HAVA requirements to replace lever machines (PDF)

New Article - Good News From Minnesota
The recount of paper ballots in the Minnesota Senate race should be completed this week. In a new article, NYVV's Wanda Warren Berry writes about why, regardless of who wins, the Minnesota recount is good news for New York State.

We fought a long and difficult battle in New York for paper ballots, and the events in Minnesota show us why it was so important. The Senate race recount demonstrates that the paper ballot voting system selected by New York State counties is a solid foundation for election integrity when managed by well defined procedures.

Read Wanda Warren Berry's piece:
Good News from Minnesota

Other Electronic Voting News

National news from Voters Unite
VoteTrustUSA Daily Voting News

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